Founded in 2011, Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries is an international pop – up contemporary art gallery established in the Netherlands.

Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries operates as a hybrid platform between commercial mediation and cultural & societal contribution. With the aim to bring contemporary art conveying a relevant societal message closer to the public, we present the thematic Benedictio® pop up art shows in different cities around the world.

Devoted to contemporary creation, we are dedicated to presenting thought provoking contemporary art across various media.
We highlight emerging and established artists with profound insights that can easily remind us about important issues and even inspire us to take some sort of action.

Our selection of international artists is driven by a passion for eclectic , vibrant, dynamic contemporary art, a cosmopolitan outlook and an independent point of view. We pay particular attention to artists with an authentic, distinct signature who have a clear vision about the future and who have a story to tell about global climatological  concerns, cultural heritage  and complexities that emerge from new life styles and modern day society.

Celebrating the present and probing the future, our curatorial mission is to compel audiences to adopt new modes of observing, processing, and decoding visual information that eventually become a permanent part of how they perceive and respond to the world around them. We aspire to fascinate, challenge, inform, engage and inspire the audience with our informative lectures and distinctive theme based contemporary pop-up art shows.

We practice what we preach..acta non verba….as a purpose driven gallery we are intrinsically motivated and engaged towards presenting art that is meaningful and inspiring in an attempt to deepen and expand the comprehension of our world and fellow human beings . Therefore we contribute part of our proceeds to charities we sympathize with.

We welcome our guests to support our Benedictio® projects  and look forward to meeting you in international locations around the world.

Natasha Knoppel
Creative Director / Curator