About Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries

Mission Statement
Founded in 2011, Natasha Knoppe Art Galleries is an international contemporary pop-up art space established in the Netherlands. Devoted to contemporary creation, we are dedicated to presenting a culturally diverse aesthetic to broad and diverse audiences in order to engage, stimulate, cultivate, educate and foster institutional and public awareness, appreciation and understanding of the importance and richness of fine contemporary Caribbean art.
Celebrating the present and probing the future, our curatorial mission is to compel audiences to adopt new modes of observing, processing, and decoding visual information that eventually become a permanent part of how they perceive and respond to the world around them. Our selection of artists is driven by a passion for dynamic, hybrid, and vibrant contemporary art, a cosmopolitan outlook and an independent point of view.
We take great pride in presenting “first-ever” exhibitions of established and emerging artists from across the Caribbean region that reflect the complexity, vitality and unfolding patterns within the contextual contemporary paradigm.
We participate in various local and international art events and we like having fun.
The Benedictio format
Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries operates as a hybrid platform between commercial mediation and cultural & societal contribution. With the aim to bring contemporary art conveying a relevant societal message closer to the public, we present the thematic Benedictio® pop up theme centered art projects thereby actively seeking international co-operation with various actors. In essence, the Benedictio projects are awareness campaigns – education through art – with a focus on 1) Cultural Heritage and 2) Environment & Sustainability.
The Benedictio multimedia art projects aim to inspire visitors to contribute to charity related to the theme through art, informative lectures, educational podcasts and project books. The independently published Benedictio project books primarily have an educational mission.

We practice what we preach… acta non verba… as a purpose driven gallery we are intrinsically motivated and engaged towards presenting art that is meaningful and inspiring in an attempt to deepen and expand the comprehension of our world and fellow human beings. Therefore we contribute part of our proceeds to charities we sympathize with.

The most recent project “Benedictio IV: mighty echo of the Amazon rainforest – revelations of the Guianas” was concluded on November 30th 2020. Benedictio IV was a tribute to the beauty, wisdom and relevance of the Amazon rainforest, its biodiversity and its indigenous peoples.
Benedictio IV zoomed in on 3 Guianas: Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana as this is the most densely forested region in the world with an average forest coverage of more than 90% of its territory. More than 50 multimedia artworks inspired by the Amazon rainforest were exhibited in Delft by 17 prominent artists from Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana and 3 guest artists from the Netherlands, Curacao and Switzerland.
During the three-month exhibition, various lectures were given (online due to Covid) by international experts on the theme. The exhibition also featured a virtual reality Amazon rainforest experience, an educational podcast and accompanying puzzle and prizes for children. The Benedictio IV project book (128 pages), has been published to document the exhibition and its educational mission.
Part of the international art collection of Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries is exhibited and sold in the private business club “Third Place” at Westersingel 73 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the premises of Van Lanschot Bankers, with Boymans van Beuningen Museum and the Bilderberg hotel a stone’s throw away. Non members can view the collection by appointment only, guided by NKAG’s management assistant Carola.
We provide a wide range of services to our clients in the selection, valuation, building and management of an art collection. Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries caters to both the experienced, as well as the novice art collector, interested in investment quality fine contemporary Caribbean art. We advise collectors, but also corporations on acquisitions, and also specialize in the resale of select works of art.